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Musk Melon, recommended menu benefits.

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Melon (Musk Melon or Kharbuja) is believed by many to be a vegetable or fruit, so botany has defined the word "fruit", that is, the part that grows from an ovary that contains seeds and seeds. They can be propagated in the form of fruit pulp that has a sweet taste from the fructose sugar called "vegetables". Plants where people control parts such as herb leaves or underground tubers to cook food from external storage. Musk melon, any fruit

How are melons different from cantaloupes?

Both melons and cantaloupes are plants in the melon family. (Cucurbitaceae) The melon fruit has an oval shape. But cantaloupe is round. The external surface of the Musk melon is similar to that of cucumbers and watermelons. is a long streak The cantaloupe peel has a mesh pattern. You can clearly see the interlocking lines. The inside flesh of the melon when ripe is light yellow - green. But the ripe fruit of cantaloupe is golden orange. Both will have a unique aroma and taste.

Another similarity between the two is Melon and cantaloupe seeds are a source of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids such as omega-3 that help promote the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Expels waste in the large intestine and most importantly, it also helps nourish hair and nails very well.

Musk melon is both food and medicine.

People like to make Musk melons into both savory and dessert dishes. The flesh of the melon is yellowish-orange, soft and has a good sweet taste. Can be used to make salads and curries. But most often seen in dessert menus like shaved ice. or in desserts that have coconut milk as an ingredient

Thai melon is classified as a fruit with high nutritional value. Because it is rich in vitamin C and B complex. Both are vitamins that can be dissolved in water. cannot be accumulated in the body Need to get it from eating only. One thing to be careful about with water-soluble vitamins is Vitamins tend to lose their value during cooking with high heat. In addition, Musk melon is rich in vitamin A. and minerals that are necessary for the body, such as Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and various vitamins and minerals. Helps to nourish eyesight. Slow down the degeneration of the retina and cataracts. Helps boost the body's immunity, reduces inflammation, and fights free radicals. Reduce the risk of developing cancer. In addition, the nutrients in Musk melon help strengthen the systems in the body and internal work more efficiently, such as the nervous system, circulatory system Rheumatic and bone systems, excretory system Musk melon, fruit for people who lose weight Musk melon is considered a good choice for those who want to lose weight. There is a report of a study of 3,628 people who ate melon over a period of 8 years. Week found that the body mass index decreased Because melon is a fruit with low calories and juicy flesh. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and Fiber that is sufficient daily. When eating Musk melon, it makes you feel full quickly. Can help control weight.

Moreover, People with diabetes can eat watermelon. Due to the low sugar content Helps control blood sugar levels very well. Musk melon and folk remedies the seeds and fruit pulp of the melon have the following medicinal properties: Mature seeds help with diuresis. In those who have difficulty urinating, gently scrub and relieve coughing. The fruit pulp has a cooling effect, helping to quench internal heat and thirst. It can also be used as a laxative. Because it is high in Fiber. Beauty secrets with Musk melon the flesh of Musk melon has a cooling effect. And is very rich in vitamin C Can be sliced into thin sheets. Apply it all over your face for 15-20 minutes, 1-2 times a week. Times will help add moisture to the skin. The coolness of the melon flesh will help tighten the pores. Reduce skin inflammation, correct blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles Reduce skin inflammation, correct blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles that occur in the early stages.

What can you eat with Musk melon?

Most often, Muse melon flesh is often found in dessert menus paired with coconut snack or menus that can be done include Musk melon salad, Thai melon smoothie with milk or yogurt or originally sweetened with honey The seeds can be dried. Eat as a snack or you can use it as a sprinkle in soups or salads. There are also small Thai melon fruits used to make sour soup.

Does Musk melon make you fat?

Normally, Muse melon has very little energy: 100 grams provides only 34 Kcal of energy. And 8 grams of sugar is considered quite difficult to make you gain weight. It provides slightly more energy and sugar than the same amount of watermelon. However, you should eat it in the right amount. If eaten in large quantities Melon can make you fat like other fruits. Precautions for eating Musk melon Eating too much melon It may be detrimental, such as for patients with high blood pressure and heart disease patients Because the flesh of Musk melon has high potassium.

Such minerals affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Directly related to blood pressure May cause abnormalities as a result. If eaten in excess, it may cause diarrhea. Because melon has laxative properties.

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