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10 benefits and disadvantages of "mango", ripe & raw, a good fruit that can be eaten all year round.

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Ripe mangoes have beautiful yellow fruits, soft flesh, and medium to very sour. But believe it or not? Ripe mangoes are quite beneficial for our body. We would like to summarize it simply as follows.

Nourish eyesight (to see clearly at night)

Helps in excretion (from dietary fiber)

Contains vitamin A

Contains beta-carotene and has properties: Take care of your skin from strong sunlight.

Prevent breast cancer and stomach cancer.

Prevent heart disease.

Prevents optic nerve degeneration.

Promote memory.

Benefits of raw mango

Raw mango is another option for people who like crunchy, sweet, sour/not sour. (Depending on the variety) the benefits that people will receive are different from raw mangoes. It has the following properties.

Contains vitamin C

Helps tighten the skin.

Prevent colds.

Reduce bleeding from the gums.

Treat internal heat

Contains antioxidants Help with…Reduce delay.

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

Prevent the risk of heart disease.

Prevent cerebrovascular disease.

Disadvantages of raw and ripe mangoes

Disadvantages of raw mango

Consuming raw mangoes is not unsafe and there are precautions to be taken. But you should be careful in some espects as follows:

Allergies: Some people may have allergic reactions to substances in raw mangoes, such as chemicals or substances used to manage insects or disease. This can result in an allergic reaction or gastrointestinal reaction.

Cell damage: Raw mangoes contain phytosine. (Phytochemicals) which may be involved in destroying cells or changing certain cells. However, consuming raw mangoes in the right amount and in conjunction with other healthy foods May help in preventing the development of cancer cells. But consumption in large quantities May cause unwanted effects.

Digestive problems: Raw mangoes can cause diarrhea or irritation. Especially when the mangoes are not fresh or clean. There are germs or toxins that are contaminated in the fruit. Or it may cause bloating. If you eat too much (you should eat 1 small ball or half a large ball)

Decomposition of sugars: Raw mangoes have a high amount of natural sugars. Consuming large quantities of raw mangoes can increase water levels.

Disadvantages of ripe mangoes

Ripe mangoes are a popular fruit in many localities due to their sweet taste and high nutritional value. However, some people may have problems or allergies to consuming them. Or have some side effects as follows:

Allergies and Allergies: Some people may have an allergic reaction to the flavour or ingredients of ripe mangoes, such as an allergy to ladybugs. Or allergies to chemicals used in fertilizers or hormones to make the mangoes ripen.

Digestive problems: Sometimes unripe mangoes can cause gastrointestinal discomfort such as diarrhea or irritation. Because there are some toxins or chemicals that may remain in the mango fruit. Increasing blood sugar: Ripe mangoes are high in sugar content, so consuming large amounts of ripe mangoes may increase blood sugar levels. This may affect people with diabetes or problems with blood sugar levels.

Obesity problem: Ripe mangoes are high in calories. If you consume large quantities of ripe mangoes, It can cause the accumulation of fat in the body and increase obesity.

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