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10 Herbs and Vegetables to Boost Immunity Against Disease

1. Plu Kaow or Khow Tong Local vegetables from China, Korea, Japan, as well as countries in Southeast Asia and Thailand. It is popular to eat fresh leaves along with food. especially northern and northeastern food such as larb, koi or jaew, at the same time, it has been used as a medicinal herb for a long time, such as treating various inflammations. Treat various respiratory infections. In addition, there are currently research studies on the properties of Plu kaow found flavonoid and phenolic compounds. that in addition to having properties that help stimulate immunity It is also found to be effective in killing viruses, both directly and indirectly.

2.Kaffir lime is an herb that many homes use as an ingredient in cooking. There are medicinal properties in resistance to many diseases. Both help fight free radicals high. Help strengthen the immune system to keep the body healthy. And if extracted as essential oil from kaffir lime has properties to help relieve stress. It can also be used as a heart tonic. With the use of fresh kaffir lime skin, cut into small pieces, about 1 tablespoon, add a handful of camphor or borneol, brewed with boiling water. then leave to soak Then bring the water to drink 1-2 times.

3.Ginger With many good nutrients for the body such as magnesium, potassium, copper and vitamin B6, ginger helps prevent inflammation in the body such as arthritis and boosts the body's immune system In addition, ginger also helps to neutralize toxins, reduce swelling, and drive wind. There is current research that supports the properties that ginger can reduce the symptoms of the common cold as well.

4.Phlai, another Thai herb that can help build the immune system of the body. And Phlai leaves can treat cold symptoms better. The part in the body that is aching Phlai can be used as an alternative herb to relieve pain. Phlai is often used to treat in the form of essential oils. to reduce inflammation.

5.Centella Asiatic is a medicinal herb that has a cooling effect. It is commonly eaten by boiling it into water. It has the effect of reducing inflammation in the oral cavity, reducing swelling, relieving bruising in And reduce inflammation on the skin as well because it contains asiaticoside substances that help heal skin wounds. It also has many properties. Both reduce blood pressure, reduce stress, relieve fatigue. And the part that stimulates the immune system to be better as well.

6.Vietnamese Coriander, a vegetable that has a characteristic pungent aroma. Rich in many types of antioxidants that help strengthen the body's immune system. and helps to slow down aging In addition, the leaves of cabbage help sweat. make good blood And can prevent cancer as well. Many people use it as a side dish in Naemnueng.

7.Peka pod is a popular vegetable to dip with chili paste. The appearance is a green pod, about 1 cubit long, and medical studies indicate that the pods contain flavonoid extracts from the bark of the Broken Bones Tree. Has the effect of reducing inflammation, allergies, also has an immune boosting effect. Helps fight free radicals in the body Help slow down the deterioration of various cells in the body as well.

8.Chiang Da Vegetable, a vegetable that is popular for reducing blood sugar. It is a local vegetable in the north. There are a variety of names such as vegetables Chiang Da, Seng Da, Chiang Da, Pak Kut, etc. The central region is called Ching da Vegetables. Information from the Division of Nutrition, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health revealed that Chiang Da vegetables are local vegetables that are high in vitamin C and have high levels of vitamin C. Very high in antioxidants.

9.Kale is a green leafy vegetable that contains up to 147 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams. It's easy to buy, plus it's easy to cook. The properties have anti-oxidants. Thereby helping to slow down the degeneration of various cells and enhance the body's immune system. In addition, the vitamin C in kale helps to nourish the eyes, nourish the skin by strengthening the tissues to be more moist.

10.Moringa, another local vegetable that contains 141 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams, is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, protein or iron. by the benefits of moringa It has both the treatment of colds. Reduce blood sugar and fat levels joint pain relief, nourish the body, eyes, skin and fight cancer. but in patients with blood pregnant woman and gout patients Moringa should not be eaten in excess. because it will make the disease more severe. Cr.goldenland