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Fruit of Thailand in all 3 seasons

Updated: Nov 25


during the summer (February - May) Thai fruits usually have a very sour or very sweet taste. Including the hot weather during this month, the fruit has a juicy texture, not dry. Suitable for increasing the amount of water in the body.

Fruits that are suitable for summer include: durian, mango, mangosteen, gooseberry, grapes, rose apple, watermelon, jackfruit, banana, Namwa banana, winter balsam.

Rainy season

While the rainy season (June - October) is the most fertile period due to the amount of rain that falls into the soil. Besides falling onto the concrete road and becoming water waiting to be drained. This results in a large amount of produce in this season and people in the past focused on eating sour fruits for the need for vitamin C. Is immune to colds.

Fruits suitable for the rainy season include : pineapple, papaya, longan, mangosteen, custard apple, guava, star fruit, pomelo, citrus, santol.


When it's wintertime (November - January) which doesn't seem to be that cold. But with this little cold wind blowing from China, it could easily cause people to catch a cold. Makes winter fruits emphasize their sour taste.

Including berry fruits that can be grown in cold regions are equally popular.

Guess your personality from your favourite fruit Your favourite fruit can reveal your inner personality.

Let's try to guess the personality. Your favourite fruit Let's do a little together. Let's see what your favourite fruit milk says about you. Don't delay. Let's try to guess.

Banana is a person who likes to do light work. I don't like doing physical work. Therefore, they often ask for other people to do it for them.

Watermelon is a generous, gentle, considerate and honest person. He looks optimistic and is therefore loved by his friends.

Apple is an introvert, dreamer, romantic, sensitive, loves easily and gets burned quickly. Considered to be quite a flirt.

Guava : People who like to eat guava tend to be freedom-loving people. Likes traveling, is bored, so doesn't like anything that is repetitive.

Orange is a modern person Have ideas that are far ahead and not superfluous. Know how to store and use.

Grape is a beautiful and charming person. Have good human relations, cheerful, discreet, like to keep personal matters secret.

Papaya is a person who is very tolerant, calm, reasonable, considerate, generous and a good planner.

Pineapple is a person who likes comfort, luxury, grandeur, but is soft-hearted. If someone is stubborn, they can easily be soft-hearted.

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