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7 days keto diet menu: easy to find, easy to make, and not expensive

Keto diet or Ketogenic diet is a popular weight loss trend among health lovers. without the need to rely on diet pills Many people may have heard of the term "keto diet". This article will take you to get to know the Keto diet, how to eat it, including simple menus. for health that you can cook at home.

Keto diet is a ketogenic diet, which is a diet that focuses on high fat content. Moderate protein and followed by a very small amount of carbohydrates (starch) In order for our body to extract energy from other parts to replace it, that is, to extract the accumulated fat in the body to use it. Believe that many people may know how to eat ketogenic in the form of "Eating fat" makes one wonder that people usually avoid fat in order to lose weight. or lose weight However, the keto diet focuses on high fat intake. And the keto menu is recommended for those who are interested in studying the information before actually doing it.

What are some keto foods you should eat and shouldn't eat? The first rule of thumb for starting a keto diet Carbohydrates must be limited. and to increase the amount of fat instead By focusing on animal and natural fats. Eat a variety of fats, such as -meat fat -lean meat -Lard -coconut oil -olive oil -vegetable fat -butter -cheese -bean -vegetable -grains -avocado -dairy food

For keto dieters The menu items that should be avoided include: Foods high in carbohydrates and sugars such as rice, wheat flour, barley, rye, oats, pizza, cakes, breads, cookies, synthetic snacks. Including reducing the amount of fruit that is high in sugar, such as watermelon, banana, pineapple, ripe mango, etc. However, eating a keto diet must take into account other behaviors along with such as eating food from all 5 food groups and exercising regularly for health. get enough rest and drink clean water in the amount that the body needs.

Introducing a simple, healthy keto menu for 7 days. The keto diet is often paired with a keto diet. For anyone who is interested in losing weight with this method. But I don't know which food to eat in each meal and to visualize more about the keto diet It can start from the following menu. to be used to modify various menus to suit yourself.

Keto menu day 1 - Breakfast: grilled pork, pistachio milk - Lunch : Chicken Basil and Fried Egg - Dinner : Avocado Salad

Keto menu day 2 - Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, almond milk - Lunch : Pork Panang Rice - Dinner : Chili Paste, Fried Mackerel

Keto menu day 3 - Breakfast : Tuna salad, natural yogurt - Lunch : Boiled Egg, Kaki Pork Leg Rice - Dinner : Grilled Pork Neck Waterfall

Keto menu day 4 - Breakfast: fried bacon, black coffee - Lunch : Konjac pork noodles - Dinner : Mackerel Miang

Keto menu day 5 - Breakfast: Chicken Satay - Lunch : Roasted Pork Belly with Salt and Chili, Omelette - Dinner : Stir-fried kale with crispy pork belly, grilled asparagus

Keto menu day 6 - Breakfast: Baked Spinach with Cheese - Lunch : Kaeng Som, Shrimp, Mixed Vegetables - Dinner : Salt-grilled salmon, tomato

Keto menu day 7 - Breakfast : Chicken Salad, Boiled Egg - Lunch : Stewed Eggs with Pork Belly - Dinner : Grilled Asparagus Keto diet is another option for health lovers. and those who want to lose weight without turning to life-threatening diet pills It also helps to practice discipline in eating our food as well. But at the same time, eating keto can have an impact. And have side effects in the early stages such as nausea, headache, loss of appetite, fatigue, constipation. We call these symptoms "Keto Flu" and in the case of people with high cholesterol. should consult a nutritionist or a medical professional to plan the keto diet properly and have a positive effect on health. Cr.thairath

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